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Seawall Project

The Nanumea Salvation Seawall Project is a grassroots initiative founded on the courage of the people of Nanumea, Tuvalu. As the island confronts the challenge of rising sea levels, this project exemplifies the island taking ownership of its reality of its future.

The Nanumea Seawall Project strives towards cultural preservation, ecological harmony and identity perseverance - This will be achieved one block at a time.

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Rising Sea Levels...



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The climate crisis is on Tuvalu’s


This years King Tide hit hard

No island in our Nation was exempt

We need a Life Line

Thoughts from one of

Tuvalu’s Young Climate Warriors

Kato Ewekia

CEO of

Saving Tuvalu Global Campaign

In the face of the impending threat that looms over our island, we can no longer afford to delay action.

The harsh reality is that our home, the cradle of our culture and heritage, is at risk of disappearing beneath the rising tides.

No one is coming to save us, and it is in acknowledging this responsibility that we find the catalyst for change.



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What does


Seawall Project aim to do?

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1. protect

the land

The encroaching waters threaten to continue the rapid erosion of Nanumea’s low lying island.

2. protect nanumean’s

It is a lifeline for the island’s people, a vital shield against the erosion that seeks to erase the footprints of generations past.

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deep illusion photography

3. protect our future

The island’s future generations, ensuring that the echoes of its history continue to resonate with humility and strength.

“Puhi taku ​muna kae ​kau ​moeakigina”

Passionate about Nanumea

A glimpse into the heart of its people

An interview with


Nanumea Salvation Seawall

FINANCE Workstream Lead

Behind the Scenes


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